Take Action: Contact Massachusetts Public Higher Ed Officials

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Dear Massachusetts Public Higher Education officials,

Massachusetts prides itself on a commitment to higher education, providing the building blocks for a future generation informed by science, culture, and common sense. 

That’s why the legislature has taken action designed to protect public higher education at this critical moment for our students. They have passed a budget that includes level-funding for public colleges and universities through June 30, 2021, ensuring that campuses have the resources to avoid downsizing programs, eliminating student resources, and furloughing or laying off staff and faculty.

However, despite this victory, achieved by our members’ persistent advocacy, we’re concerned that too many public higher education administrators are ignoring the efforts by elected leaders and the public to defend our campuses. In the wake of the biggest health crisis in the last century, many administrators are jeopardizing the future of public higher education by continuing to lay off and furlough staff and faculty at exactly the moment our students need them most. 

That’s why we’ve launched the “Massachusetts Agrees” campaign to defend public higher education in Massachusetts. Please take a moment to watch our campaign videos at MassachusettsAgrees.org. They shed light on the real-life impact of these cuts and calls on public higher education officials, including you, to do your part to keep our campuses functioning and safe.

In short, we’re asking you to do your job. Bring back our staff, faculty, and student programs and avoid future cuts. We are also asking you to meet with us to hear more about these concerns. 

Will you stand with us to defend public higher education? Or will you continue to turn a blind eye to the immediate and future needs of your communities?

If you have made cuts, let’s work together to restore and deploy the staff and faculty that students need to be safe and keep learning amidst the current COVID-19 crisis.

To arrange a discussion, please contact Massachusetts Teachers Association Director of Government Relations Eric Nakajima at ENakajima@massteacher.org, and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Please also visit MassachusettsAgrees.org to learn more about our campaign. We  are appealing to you for urgent support in these challenging times.

Thank you.