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Defend Public Higher Ed Now

Join us in defending public higher education.

Massachusetts agrees that public higher education has always been one of our calling cards… an engine of our economy, a source of pride, hope, science, health, and wisdom.

So, why is it that highly-paid administrators at our state’s public universities and colleges are trying to take us the opposite direction?

Against science, against health, and against common sense.

Why are these administrators spending all of their time laying people off, rather than fighting for the funding we need?

Behind closed doors, they are ignoring the voices that make public higher education what it is: The staff, faculty, parents, students…the community.

Massachusetts agrees… this fall’s return to public higher education campuses will require more staff, and more resources — not less — to keep students learning and safe and to keep surrounding communities safe, as well.

At a time when the White House is abandoning science, we need public higher education executives like UMass President Marty Meehan and Higher Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago to step up and do more. Right now, they’re coming up short and eliminating one student program after another.

Massachusetts agrees…. that the first job of public higher education executives is to secure the funds for a high-quality, affordable, and safe education and workplace.

Join the call to tell public university and college executives to do their jobs… health, science, knowledge, and hope. To fund the future.

Get the Facts

Download our fact-sheet for details on the movement to defend public higher education.